• My niece was delighted with her Oliver Heart. Isobel.

  • Good afternoon, just wanted to say thank you for my order. It is stunning and I love it.  Children were really pleased with it too.
    Many thanks and it was a pleasure meeting you.
    Best wishes Rachel

  • Received charms today-big hit with mum. Many thanks from O and S for lovely lucky dips. Tim

  • My parcel arrived this morning and it is absolutely beautiful. It made me cry. Thank you so much.Nicci

  • The charms arrived this week and I am thrilled with them, they envy of my friends! Janette

  • Just to wish you a very happy new year and to thank you for your amazing creations! As expected , Peter was overwhelmed with Troy’s pawprint ! When we showed him the comments on Facebook he was so happy! A really proud dad ……….. !!!!!!!! As for my surprise….. well, it was so unexpected and I was delighted with it ! We really do appreciate all your hard work and the two pictures complement each other so beautifully, they look lovely in our lounge and have been such a talking point over the holiday when we have had various people popping in and out . I have attached a photo of Troy and the framed charm  (as I thought you might like to see the little guy himself ! ). Please feel free to use it if you want, so other people can see what  unusual and beautiful keepsake gifts you are able to produce. Thank you so much once again and hope you have a very successful 2012. Kind regards, Kendal.
  • Thank you so so much for the frame its beautiful I love it! And thank you for all of the prints you have done for us, have a lovely Christmas hope it will be relaxing for you!  Tiff Xx

  • Received my charm necklace this morning, and just wanted to say thank you so much it’s perfect I absolutely love it! I’m so pleased with it!
    Bev :-) x

  • Wow, thank you so much, I got Mum’s necklace this morning, and to say I am pleased with it, is an understatement, it’s stunning. Thank You so much, and thank you for getting it done in time for the party, it’s going to be the icing on the cake. If I am honest, I did actually cry when I saw the necklace, not only because of it’s beauty, and the fact that is for my lovely Mum, but also that it’s my brothers finger print, and I haven’t seen him for nearly four years, as he lives out in Canada now with his family, so it is a really special thing. I am over the moon, thank you again,
            All the best

  • I want to describe to you Mum’s reaction at the weekend……… we arrived, (early for once !) and Mum’s best friends came….. then Mum arrived… I wanted her to open her present before all and sundry came. I had spent an hour wrapping it, rose petals, real gold glitter, ribbons, tissue paper ….. you can picture it, an hour to wrap it,  a minute to unwrap it …….. and my  Mum’s first words … well she caught her breath and said ‘they are your finger prints aren’t they ?’ and that was us, she cried, I cried, and she loved it, put it straight on, and showed it to the world. She said it couldn’t have been a more perfect present, and I think she is right, I still have tears in my eyes remembering her reaction, in fact I spent most of the weekend a little emotional, just reliving the moment she opened the box. It’s not like we are soppy creatures, but this gift floored us, it was like having my brother here with us on such a special occasion. Mum will treasure this necklace, and it will become a family heirloom. I have spread the word amongst friends and family, and with a wedding coming up, there maybe some more work coming your way. I cannot recommend you enough. Thank you so much for pulling the stops out for me to get the necklace done in time, it was perfect, and I don’t use that word loosely, My Mum also wanted me to thank you. Hope to see you soon at a fair and the coffee is on me.
             Erica x

  • Thank you so much for my bracelet, I’m a sentimental sort! Many thanks for a great product and service
             Kind regards

  • Hello Beach Hut Charm, Thank you so much for the necklace! It really is lovely and I have had so many lovely comments.  So have been recommending you! Thank you very much
    Kindest Regards