Men’s Leather Fingerprint Bracelet

This chunky men’s leather fingerprint bracelet is┬ásimply perfect and has fast become the most popular fingerprint gift for men at Beach Hut Charm!


This men’s leather fingerprint bracelet is made from 10mm thick leather, available in both brown or black. The bracelet length is 8.5″ (standard size), however, can be made to any size you wish.


The sterling silver fingerprint sits perfectly on the bracelet and can hold the name you require. This Men’s leather fingerprint bracelet can hold up to 3 fingerprints and names and is finished with a strong and durable metal clasp.


Your finished men’s leather fingerprint bracelet will be hallmarked.



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Men’s Leather Fingerprint Bracelet


Number of Fingerprints *

Number of Fingerprints

Bracelet Finish *

Bracelet Finish

Name(s) to be displayed (oldest to youngest)

Name(s) to be displayed (oldest to youngest)

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Brown or Black Leather?

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