Artwork Cufflinks and Pin Set

These irresistible artwork cufflinks and pin can lovingly hold your loved one’s precious artwork in solid silver. This artwork cufflinks and pin combo works particularly well with children’s drawings – very cute!


Why not personalise your artwork cufflinks and pin further with a date or special short message on the reverse side?


These artwork cufflinks and pin can lovingly hold a different drawing on each, or the same on all three. They can hold a name, date or initials of up to 8 letters (approx) on the front or the reverse side.


Approx weight: 6.7g each (cufflinks), 4.8g (pin)


Approx size: 1.8cm x 1.8 cm x 2.5mm (cufflinks), 1.7cm x 1.7cm x 2.5mm (pin)


Please note if you wish to opt for a different artwork cufflink and pin shape, sizes and weight will vary.


This 925 sterling silver Artwork Cufflink and Pin combo will be hallmarked.


Artwork Cufflinks & Pin

Artwork Cufflinks and Pin Set


Pin Shape Required: *

Pin Shape Required:

Pin: *


Pin text (if required), up to 8 letters:

Pin text (if required), up to 8 letters:

Beautifully made silver items for men.